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How badly did Ty Willingham wreck two programs???

Posted on: December 22, 2008 5:44 am

University of Washington fans and alum have now figured out why Ty wasn't working in South Bend.  I thought it's be fun to break down Ty's coaching and Recruiting and get a real sense of how bad it's gone for both teams.  Sarkisian has a long road ahead of him just as Charlie has.

Quarterback - ND - When Ty arrived Arnaz Battle was the current QB. Battle was a good option QB, but didn't fir Ty's system so he decides to take another option style QB in Carlyle Holliday and make him run the west coast offence (hhhmmm).  Finally gets a good recruit in Brady Quinn and is reluctant to send him out there in his freshman year.  Brady wins the battle a few games into the season and really excels under the tuteledge of Charlie Weis.

WASH - Ty gets another incredible QB recruit in Jake Locker, but uses Isiah Stanback in Lockers first year causing a red shirt. Locker comes in his second year and is immediately compared to Tim Tebow West Coast version. Locker has a good RS freshman year to start but his footwork needs work and is not very accurate.  Locker this year had zero time in the pocket, and no one to throw to, no one to rush the ball and went down early with an injury. He will benefit from Sarkisian.

Running Back - ND - Darius Walker - undersized running back that ran with heart. Was unable to bring in anyone else to replace him. Lack of depth at the position hurts ND still, although deptha nd talent are emerging.

WASH - Louis Rankin - Inherited from Rick Neuheisel - Very good back, but once again there is no one else in the stable to replace him.  Washington has no one to run the football, and it created too much pressure on the QB.

Receiver/TE - ND - The one area Ty did OK on. Rhema McKnight, Maurice Stovall, Anthony Fasano, John Carlson, but here's the mistake he never played Jeff Szmardjia. He never thought he'd be a good receiver. Ty's recruting classes were weak after that leaving the receiver stable lacking too, best recruit was David Grimes??? oh dear, Undersized, but huge heart.

WASH - Once again did a decent job, has a good recruit in Kavario Middleton, but won't play him. Middleton was very sought after and never saw the field until too late in the year.  Sark again has his work cut out for him trying to find a weapon for Locker.

O-Line - ND - The Line he inherited from Bob Davie was good and he was able to use his recruits over the span of his career. But after the first year under Ty the O-line seemed to lose the aggression. There was no slobber knocker on the line and the other teams seemed to push the line backwards.  Charlie uses some of Ty's recruits in a zone blocking scheme that worked fine for the first two years because of an experience QB, but we quickly found out that Ty left nothing behind for the years to come.

WASH - Once again Ty destroys what should have been one of the best O-lines in CFB. These guys this year were huge and good. Average 6-5 310lbs, and somehow Ty finds a way to allow the oppsing defences to party on Locker's head.

From a guy that was supposed to run mostly three step drops, and get rid of the ball quickly, to a guy that had is teams looking disorganized on game day and not knwoing what the coach was going to call, why were they running on throwing downs and passing on running downs? Ty is a great man just not a great HC.  He's taken two pretty decent programs and after he's turned them over they have been in absolute turmoil.  Charlie is finally getting to a poitn where they can have real positon battles for playing time and talent at every position. Depth is starting to improve. Washington has a long long way to go, I just hope people will be patient with Sark.


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Posted on: July 28, 2009 9:08 pm

How badly did Ty Willingham wreck two programs???

Its a little late but I completely agree with this.  Ty goes 8-0 opening up with a Davie crafted Defense, then sputters to finish.  Meanwhile the next two years are horrid.  Matt Levecchio was a pro/west coast style passer who could also run, but Ty didn't give hime the chance.  Ty was sold on Holliday's lack luster abilities, and Levecchio left to Indiana.  Waste of talent. 

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